rv livingWelcome to Best RV Living. My wife and I decided to create this site to tell you our story about moving to a lifestyle of full-time rving. Right now, we are in the early stages of planning and migrating to rv living, so we felt that if we documented our journey, it would greatly help you in pursuing your dreams to rv freedom!

So, feel free to venture into our site to see all our trials and tribulations, (and there are just a few), and save yourself a bit of grief! So, let us tell you about the big why?

Why would you start Full-Time RV Living?

¬†Great question. My wife and I are in our late 30’s, and mid 40’s, so we are by no means retired and have a gold mine in the bank. But we do have a big dream to travel the world and see as much as we can before we can no longer do so.

Last year, I left my full-time job. It was a radical life decision. I was on the top of my game, so to speak, and doing quite well. I walked away from a very lucrative salary to start building an income that pays us long term instead of right now.

I’ve currently been actively ‘retired’ for little over a year, and it’s been quite the ride. Not an easy ride, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. My wife and I finally came to the realization that we needed to take the next step and become globe trotters.

As a way to step into this lifestyle and finally see the rest of North America before we take off to other countries was to consider full-time rv living. Now, I can tell you, that this decision was not lightly made. We have three children, two in the teens and one at the age of seven.

Our seven year old is thrilled. But our teenagers, well, let’s just say, not so thrilled. One is not sure but the elder is not super happy about it. I can understand. He has friends and relationships that he doesn’t want to leave.

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When storing your RV over the winter months, keeping mice out is not only desirable but it may be necessary. I did a ton of research last year before storing our bus before winter and came up with a few solutions. Why was this so important? Well the mice made our RV home their home…

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I recently been looking at replacing the bulbs in my RV with LED bulbs. My RV takes two different styles of bulbs, one of them being the 1141 type bulb and the other being the 1076 type bulb. I deliberate research and each one of these consumes between about 1 1/2 to 2 A of…

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Yes, it is sad, but for those of use who haven’t made the full transition to full time rv living, we have to park our RV’s for the winter months. But is it really that hard to get your RV ready for winter and is it worth the $200 most RV shops charge to do…

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I never thought that an electrical system could be difficult to master, but here I testify that there are a lot of ‘gotchas’ that you can encounter when you are RVing and are not plugged into shore power. First, know that you can get power from a number of places. The most frequent are shore…

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This may be a bit of an unusual article to post on an RV site, but I think it’s important, never the less. With us owning a motor home, it has become important for us to know the size of the bus when we are traveling. This is actually pretty important for a number of…

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