On the weekend, we were out camping for the day with a bunch of friends who were showing us their various campers and setup. I never realized the affect that considering my children had on my choice of RV.

When we were visiting with one couple who’s children were now grown up and didn’t want to be seen alive with their parents, (it does happen), had a smaller travel trailer. This definitely sits in the class of small rvs. It was only about 21’ long and the room was conservative.

But to be honest with you, if I didn’t have kids, it’s probably the way I’d go! It was an old model of travel trailer, but it had all the essentials. Cooking area, nice double bed, washroom and shower, and of course a seating area.

When looking at small RVs today on youtube, I came across this interesting video. I thought that you would enjoy viewing it mainly because it gives you some idea of what small RVs are like inside:

As you can see in the video, these units are pretty compact inside, but extremely function if you are trying to save money or just want something for you and your spouse. I’d certainly consider this option in the future when the birdies have flown the nest!

Do you have any comments you can share about small rvs? I’d love to hear them below:

One of the things that really stood out to me was a lot of the small rv’s. Because of the ease of pulling them, caring for them and the low cost. I really believe that if it was just me and my wife, I would be purchasing a small rv instead of a larger 5th wheel.

Some of the things that I like about small rv’s are:

  • Very light weight – you don’t need an expensive truck to pull them.
  • Quite thrifty – low cost for gas as well as initial purchase.
  • Low maintenance – because they are smaller, there’s a ton less to break or bump the RV into.

Unfortunately, a small RV just won’t cut the mustard. Having three children makes it impossible to consider this option. But if you only have one child or are a couple, a small RV is definitely a viable option.

The next thing to consider with a small RV, is whether you would go with motorized unit, like a class B. or travel trailer style that you pulled behind a van or car. A class B. unit will definitely more expensive, but it can be a self-contained mobile house if that’s your style.

Nice thing about class B. is you can be driving down the road and your spouse can grab a hot cup of coffee without stopping. Or one of you can take a nap while going to the next destination. Another nicety about going with a motorized unit, is you can stop in the neighborhood at night and boondock it at no cost and not raise a lot of suspicion with the neighbors.

Although when looking at small RVs, a travel trailer style is probably the most popular. Between low-cost, and flexibility they definitely are a viable option. In recent years manufacturers have found innovative ways, to house a lot of living space in a very small space.

It would be my recommendation, to look at several RV units before making a final selection. In the small RV market, there is a lot to choose from. Personally, I’d like the smaller units that have so defined sleeping and living areas. This way one person can sleep at the other end watch TV, read a book or just relax without disturbing the sleeping party.

Regardless of the options you choose in your small RV, I’m sure you’ll make a brilliant choice as long as you look at several units before making your choice.