Every once in a while, I’ll stumble upon a page on another blog that talks about tips on full time rv living. And sometimes, they are pretty good tips!

Well, today was one of those days. The whole post might not be for you, but I do love the tips presented on this post.

Here’s a sampler of the post,

Top five tips for living in an RV:

1. “Only do it with someone you love to be around.”

2. “Always fill your water and propane, charge your batteries and, especially, dump your sewage when you get the chance.”

3. “Stay away from the northeast in winter because step two is impossible.”

If you’ll like to read the whole post, head on over to Noise Creep to read it all. Here’s the link: Jucifer Live in RV Full-Time, Offer Top Five Tips for RV Lifestyle

On a secondary note, I know that the warm weather is just making us RV’ers itch so much that we want to scratch the RVing itch! My wife and I are started to get quite jealous as we have a pretty popular camp ground close to use and some RVer’s are already dropping their 5th wheels for a nice holiday stay!

Luck dogs!

I just wanted to post my sorry’s for the confusion that may have been caused by a hacker who had successfully compromised www.bestrvliving.com between the 14 and 17th of Feb.

This individual had attacked many web sites, mine being one of them. Fortunately though, I’ve been able to reverse the damage to the site and restore it with more security in place.

Please feel rest assured that I care for this site to be available for those who come to visit. I know that you love RVing and I love RVing, but this hacker doesn’t seem too?

As always I continue to welcome your comments and enjoy when we can share good RV information together.


Frank Thomas

Whenever you are thinking of rv living, the question of money will come up. Let’s face it, we need money to survive.

With that in mind, I did a bit of hunting for other families who are forging the trail before my wife and I and possibly you, who can offer us some perspective.

Below you will find some links to other articles on this topic plus a few videos on the idea of full time rv living and how much it costs. Enjoy!

Living Frugal in an RV…it is a Lot of Fun | Senior Housing and

Living frugal in an RV is not about depriving yourself. You will have lots of company with people who find this lifestyle fun and rewarding as well.

Publish Date: 02/08/2010 13:55


Living Full Time In My RV

Hello everyone, I am 59 years old and I just retired from the US national guard. I had some money saved in for retirement so I decided to splurge and.

Publish Date: 01/27/2010 9:14


Plus here’s some videos that I found on Youtube. Truly a great story.

bnf on nightline Part I of II

Two parts (for YouTube limits). Segment was ~10 minutes and ran without a break. … barenakedfamily barenaked family abc nightline …

Here’s part 2:

bnf on nightline part II

Two parts (for YouTube limits). Segment was ~10 minutes and ran without a break.

So our search has continued, to find the best rv for living for our family. Part of the problem that I’m mentioned before is that we have three children and the eldest being a boy, I’d like to be able to offer him some privacy from his younger sisters.

Recently, we’ve found a really nice model from Glendale RV. The model is a 36E41 I believe. What makes it very special is the fact that the rear of the unit has two slides with two bunks on either side.

Between the two bunk sets is a two to three foot walled off area that contains storage space and a toilet and sink! Very nice. Another nice feature I like about this model is on one side, the bottom bunk folds up to the inside and you can access the space as storage from outside!

Other nice features that we like is the master bedroom in the front of the RV just feels nicer then many that we’ve seen. I think it has to do with the fact that you don’t feel like your head is in a cave like most that have slides up front do.

But selecting the best rv for living with your family in mind will definitely be a searching game. My wife and I both believed that we’d just find the ‘right’ RV when we found it. And with the Glendale unit, I believe that we’ve found it.

Other units that we’ve liked too have been from Jayco. Seems like Jayco is a little bit closer to the beat of families with kids then other vendors are.

One thing that we have to really look into is the full time living in any unit we select. It’s one thing to vacation for a couple of weeks per year or to live full time in an RV. And I’m not talking about what could go wrong, I’m talking about the minor annoyances that could exist that would be major frustration if you had to deal with it 365 days per year.

My main recommendation when choosing the best RV for living, is to really step slowly. Get the sales people out of your face and just sit in the unit. Open cupboards. Play with the gizmos inside the RV. Make sure nothing and I mean nothing makes you go hmmm. You are really looking for the potential show stoppers that would really be bad to deal with after you’ve paid for the unit.

In our quest to find the ‘right’ RV for our needs, we’ve been considering the latest fad, the toy hauler RV. This travel trailer and 5th wheel style gets it’s name from the fact that you can tout your ‘toys’ such as quads, motorcycles, snowmobiles and the such in it’s back ‘garage’.

This is an interesting type of RV because you can find them in the longer length’s such as 35′ to 40+’. The last 10-15 feet are reserved for the ‘garage’. And there is normally a drop down tailgate on the back that also seconds as the rear wall.

I personally don’t have any toys to haul, but the flexibility of the back is certainly interesting. Also, in many of the toy hauler rv types, there is normally a bed loft over top the back part. This is great for a bit of a private bed area for one or two adults. We felt that this could fit our eldest teenage boy.

Now, in the back, many of the models comes with the option to have two queen sized beds that are on a motorized track. This allows the beds to be moved to the ceiling when not in use. Very nice. My only frustration is the fact that I wish that these beds were only ‘single’ and not ‘queen sized’ beds. This automatically causes you to loose about 2 feet of storage in the back when the beds are down.

So, I’ve also considered this unit because of the fact that it can come with nothing in the back, allowing me to install a custom bunk unit. Just today, we were looking at a Jayco model (not a toy hauler RV), that had a metal bunk unit that allowed you to collapse it up into the wall when not in use! Now, if I could find that unit by itself and install it in a toy hauler RV – I’d have my nirvana.

Some things I didn’t like about the toy hauler RV style is it really seems to be oriented to the younger ‘party’ crowd. So seating is more party oriented and not family oriented. Boy, never thought that that would be an issue! But it does seem to be in many models.

The other thing that turns me off with the toy hauler rv’s is the price. Since they are somewhat of a novelty, they can be many $1,000’s more expensive then their comparable length cousins.

But I’d like to hear your comments about this unique type of unit, so I would welcome your comments regading toy hauler rv’s.