Whenever you are thinking of rv living, the question of money will come up. Let’s face it, we need money to survive.

With that in mind, I did a bit of hunting for other families who are forging the trail before my wife and I and possibly you, who can offer us some perspective.

Below you will find some links to other articles on this topic plus a few videos on the idea of full time rv living and how much it costs. Enjoy!

Living Frugal in an RV…it is a Lot of Fun | Senior Housing and

Living frugal in an RV is not about depriving yourself. You will have lots of company with people who find this lifestyle fun and rewarding as well.

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Living Full Time In My RV

Hello everyone, I am 59 years old and I just retired from the US national guard. I had some money saved in for retirement so I decided to splurge and.

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Plus here’s some videos that I found on Youtube. Truly a great story.

bnf on nightline Part I of II

Two parts (for YouTube limits). Segment was ~10 minutes and ran without a break. … barenakedfamily barenaked family abc nightline …

Here’s part 2:

bnf on nightline part II

Two parts (for YouTube limits). Segment was ~10 minutes and ran without a break.

If you’ve been reading any of the posts here at Best RV Living, you’ll know that my family and I are trying to migrate to a full time rving lifestyle.

I can honestly say that I’ve just had an experience that has wet my appetite. My son and I went for a week long father son RV trip with a bit of a twist. We planned a route with very specific things to see and treated like we did have an RV.

Well, we don’t yet have a RV, but we do have a van that we gutted and built in sleeping quarters. And I must say, that it was an experience. I decided that we had to test some of the things I’ve read about, such as boondocking and planned travels.

What an experience it was. It was definitely something that tells me about the flavor of full time rving! We boondocked two night in Walmart parking lots and it wasn’t an entirely bad experience. Actually, what I did learn is we will definitely need to make sure our future RV has adequate shower and toilet facilities.

Running for the can at 2am is not fun. Otherwise, it wasn’t that bad at all. Not the scenery that I’d want, but it was a cheap night’s stay!

Second, we tested some off the beaten path camping sites plus some state run camping sites. These experiences too were quite good. We did learn that if we are hauling a larger 5th wheel or travel trailer, we will have to consider the road and campsite restrictions for campsites.

But we can always have the standby KOA’s. But KOA’s do suffer from one drawback – cost. They definitely are the most expensive overall for camping facilities. But to be fair, they are normally the most feature filled.

So, in terms of cost, what would full time rving cost when just considering night parking fees. If you took at 30 day month and say decided to boondock 10 nights, spend 10 night in average priced full service lots and 10 nights in KOA style lots, the cost would work out to roughly $750 per month.

That’s not too bad when considering that this is your water, electricity, sewage and rent bill. I would consider tossing in another $200 just to cover costs like usage of propane to run heaters, stoves, fridge and the such while boondocking. So, that would bring costs up to $950 per month.

Still under a $1,000. Not too bad. From the point of view of costs, I can see why this is interesting. And I’ve not even considered the option of longer term parking with an RV. This can help increase the experience while reducing costs further.

Now consider planned holidays. Now, we’ve planned most of our holidays in the past, but this time, it had a slightly different twist. We planned our holidays to do certain activities and to accomplish specific goals that are both pleasure and business related.

Our results were mixed. First off, we did complete some of what we had planned. But things did take a lot longer to get done (or not get done!). So, this will have to be added into the equation. You simply have a bit more to do to live while fulltime rving.

Overall our results were quite gratifying. In the end, we just wanted to keep going. I can see getting an RV will be the way to go. So, if you have an adventurous heart, don’t limit yourself to a street address. Consider joining the ranks of full time rving enthusiasts!