When considering the best RV layouts that could work for you and your family, you have to first consider what your needs are.

We’ve personally struggled to find a layout that works for us. But I’ve stuck to my guns and felt that when we find the best layout, we would know it. Well, I’ve found out that this it is a bit true and a bit false.

I would recommend that you walk through several of the best rv layouts that you can find. Even ones you may not like, will show you things you may like or dislike in the long run. For example, we were looking at the toy hauler layouts.

Now, I feel that the toy hauler layouts waste a ton of space, especially when you want to maximize your living space and don’t need to haul around things like dirt bikes or quads. But what I did find out was that it was nice to have the flexible storage available in the rear of the toy hauler.

This added in a new wrinkle to our search when looking for best rv layouts for our needs.

We looked extensively at motorhomes, even though they do not fit our purposes at all at this time. But when our oldest son heads off to university, that situation can completely change. Motorhome manufacturers have recognized that more and more middle aged couples have enough disposable income to afford the more expensive motorhomes.

And they’ve stepped up to the plate offering some of the best rv layouts I’ve seen that contain a double bunk unit for two children. I think the only downfall to this design is that the children are literally a couple of feet away from your bedroom. That could be an intimacy killer right there.

You also have to really look at the features offered by the layout you’ve selected. You may find with careful scrutiny, that this really isn’t the best option for you. One example I can offer was on a Jayco unit.

It contained a double bunk unit plus the extra bed for our third child. Fantastic! But because the unit was only about 34 feet long, there was loss of storage space for this bunk unit. In the long run, the lack of storage was a bit of a killer for us. Especially if we decide to rv full time.

But some of the best rv layouts that we’ve found to date have been simply by looking at rv after rv. Only through comprehensive examination and asking a ton of questions, have we been able to weed out the layouts that would have been unsuitable for us as a family at this time.

In closing remarks, you need to do a ton of searching to find the best rv layouts that would suit you and your circumstances. It may take a bit of time, but if you consider that you could be spending more then $20,000 on a rv unit, I think that this is time well spent!