The vast majority of people who will advertise with Best RV Living will be honest people like yourself, but there is no way to easily weed out potential scam artists. We try to be diligent, but we will need you too to be diligent and always remember the following facts:

  • If it’s too good of a deal to be true, then it problem isn’t true. Please use common sense when purchasing.
  • If you are selling something, be sure to ensure that the potential buyer of your goods has actually paid you for the goods at the agreed price. Be sure to check with your bank that a potential certified or cashier’s check has made payment. Also if paying with travellers checks, as sometimes will occur, again, ensure that your bank has passed them as good before you pass title to the new owner.
  • If someone approaches you to purchase your vehicle for more than the agreed upon price and asks you for a reimbursement, don’t do it. This is clearly a scam.
  • If you are the purchaser, double check that the potential seller is actually selling what he is advertising. At the very least, I would recommend that the seller produce certified documentation proving ownership. Better yet, on larger purchases, arrange to visit the seller before final transaction.
  • Again for any purchase over $200, consider the services of a 3rd party such as This type of service will place your funds in escrow until you are satisfied with the completion of purchase. This type of service is recommended in all high value transactions. It works well to protect the seller and the buyer.

We are Best RV Living cannot take responsibility for complaints regarding transactions. We are simply providing a low cost service to connect potential buyers with potential sellers.

We can in no way provide any guarantees or warranties on goods sold. You will be solely responsible for good handling of a transaction either as a seller or as a buyer.