I never realized how hard it may be to get going on the road. When. I started this site a few years back, my wife and I were ripping to go. Since then life has definitely gotten in the way. Definitely not in a good way though.

You see, two years back, we had the funds, the time and the ability to hit the road. The one thing I didn’t have was astable consist flow of cash coming in. So I dug my heels in and keep trying to build that stream of income that was not onlylocationindependent but country independent as well.

Two years have flown by and other various things have occurred. I have built the location independence. But now we are short on funds! Grrrr. I’ve begun to replenish our financial stores and I’m hoping that by fall we will purchase a c class unit. Not the full meal deal but a start. I can no longer go to the USA full time as I first wanted, because I now rely on the health care system in Canada.

We will have to make adjustments for older children too. So it looks like we will keep our primary residence and rv it in the cold winters in the states.

So more on that soon. Please continue to share your stories of hitting the road and becoming a full time rver.