My family and I have been searching extensively for the right used RV for us. We’ve zeroed in on a couple of models, but to date, haven’t found the right deal.

I was just down in the USA and looked at a bunch of them from afar. You really do have to take the time and check out a used RV before you decide to purchase. On many occasions I would check out a used 5th wheel to find the advertising to be not the same as the actual unit.

I don’t believe that people will falsely advertise, but I think it’s more a matter of just not seeing things in a unit after owning it for some time.

The second problem I’ve come across on many occasions is the actual cost of the used RV for sale. On many, many occasions, the price is much too high. I feel for the owners, but unfortunately, the depreciation on a RV is pretty drastic in the first five years.

Back to the problems I have found and look for now.

The number one thing I look for is water damage. I’ve done a fair bit of research and the one thing that is almost impossible to fix on a used RV is water damage. Once it starts to show, the real damage is done.

It’s very hard to fix an rv that suffers from water damage. It’s not impossible, but from what I’ve read, it’s pretty near. The trouble is when you see mild water damage, underneath the surface, is normally a ton of damage that just isn’t seen.

Second thing I look for is easy to find damage. I’ll normally inspect the inside and outside pretty closely. If the owner is hovering over me, then I’ll normally tell them thanks but no thanks. Hovering is normally a sign of something not been told.

If I’m pretty satisfied with what I find or don’t find and the price is in the right ball park, then I’ll ask to see it connected to electricity and water. I’ll want to test both of these systems out in conjunction to the waste systems.

I’ll normally ask where the unit has been stored. Specifically, I’m looking to see if the unit has sat in a field or next to a field for some time. This will normally turn me off too. Many people will put their used RV up for sale at the edge of a major road, sitting in a farmer’s field.

One thing I do know is farmer’s fields and RV’s just don’t get along for one reason. Mice. If you leave an RV sitting dormant in a farmer’s field or close to a farmer’s field, the unit can become infested with field mice. And they can cause havoc.

To be honest with you, no used RV has made it this far. Either there is damage that I wish not to own, or the price has been just a little too steep for me. So, I’ll keep hunting. I’d like to hear your stories about you buying or selling a used RV. Please leave your comments below.