I have to be honest with you, I’ve learnt a ton of great things going for an extended RV vacation this summer. In truth, I went to three different places with a small break in between each.

Staying in an RV will start to teach you what you like and don’t like about RVing when you spend more time in it.

Living in a tight space really isn’t a problem, like living in a little house. You are striving to stay in warmer climates, so you will find that the outdoors becomes a part of your living space.

You have to stay super organized. Truly, everyone who is with you has to stay as organized as possible. When at home, we can ignore the kid’s bedroom but in an RV, you’ve got to keep them and yourself super organized or you will run into issues very quickly.

Another thing that I came to realize is water/sewer conservation. If you start taking long showers, you will have to empty your black and grey tanks very often. Most campsites require you to go to a dumping area, so that’s a consideration too. It’s a real pain to pack and unpack the RV for that trip.

Finally, I found it extremely relaxing. I did work throughout the time, but it was just different. Like the old saying, change is as good as a holiday really did play true. I did run into Internet access issues in one location, but overall, it was great!

It did make me realize how much I can enjoy this plus many of the considerations that I’d have to pay attention too if I did long term RVing. I do prefer it over hotelling/motelling. We spent two months overseas a few years back and this is definitely much better. You do carry our whole household with you and that’s kind of nice.