Hey all! I wanted to send out a quick post to tell you some of the exciting things that will be happening here at Best RV Living. There’s quite an active community already with current full timers and others who want to become full time RVer’s here now.

I want to be able to offer you tremendous value for your visit and make Best RV Living your one stop shop for information, ideas and an active marketplace.

I’ll be shortly adding in a full classifieds section and I’m also looking for authors! Especially those of you who already are RVing full time and have adventures to share with us. Believe or not, I’ve gotten some glowing comments from others who have read what you have to say and they have been helped significantly!

So, there’s a few things that I need from you. First, tell your RV friends about us! Help us to raise the awareness of Best RV Living!

Next, I need you as a contributing author! If you love to tell stories and you have a bit of time, think about contributing your experience to the readers of Best RV Living.

Finally, if you have things that you want to sell, I’ll ask you to list them here. For the next 60 days (till March 15, 2011), all listings will be 100% free! List your RV related goods or even your RV right here!

Thanks and I do look forward to taking Best RV Living to the next level with you!