In looking at RV’s I couldn’t be help notice the feature of RV slides in an RV. You can really grow the room available in an RV with the rv slide. My wife and I have been looking at various used RV’s and found that the slides really make a big difference. This is pretty apparant.

But when you look at the type of RV slides, that can be important. One RV we looked at recently had two slides but the way that the slides folded into the RV made the RV completely unusable. But in other RV’s, the RV can still be used when the slides are in. This can be important if you arrive to your campsite late after dark or if you are boondocking. I’ve heard that it is considered inappropiate to pull the slides out at some locales when boondocking.

Pretty much another given is the amount of slides in an RV will directly increase the cost of the RV plus the room available. I particularly like the units that will slide out both sides of a living room/kitchen area and/or the back bedroom, if it has it. The amount of room is really something with dual sides slides.

Also when considering an RV slide unit, make sure you see the unit with the slides in and out. Both states are important. You cannot imagine how a unit will feel if the person selling the unit will not pull out the slides. Plus make sure you see how the sides are with the slides are in.

Good luck when looking into RV slides. I’d like to hear your experiences in regards to slides to find out the potential problems that can be an issue.