Basically an RV refrigerator is a little different from your standard home refrigerator. An RV refrigerator works on the principle not of pressure differences with a compressor, but absorption by creating heat with either a propane flame or an electric heating element.

Unfortunately, I cannot give you any more dynamics of an RV refrigerator, but I did come across a great video on caring for your fridge unit.

To recap from the video, things to keep watch for when caring for your rv refrigerator are:

  • Ventilation is critical – we need to ensure that the area around the refrigerator is clear of cobwebs and squirrel’s nests.
  • Don’t over pack your fridge. Air has to be able to circulate around the food for it to keep the food cool.
  • To assist with air circulation, consider purchasing a small battery powered fan that will move air around in your rv refrigerator.
  • Check the drain tube on the back of the fridge. Ensure that there are obstructions.
  • Regularly have the refrigerator flue cleaned and serviced.
  • Be sure to test the rv refrigerator in AC and LP (propane) modes. Ensure that the RV is level as the refrigerant will not circulate properly otherwise.

I would recommend viewing this video just to be sure you are properly caring for your rv refrigerator. I found it quite enlightening, as I am not experienced with this type of appliance just yet.