I do have a particular interest in the various rv motorhomes that can be found. They may not exactly fit my family’s needs, but what I really like about them is the fact that we can move around and make coffee, play cards, do homework, etc while travelling. (Of course, the driver is preoccupied!)

I really love that fact. You don’t have to pack up and sit in a truck all day while driving. Another factor is the view. The larger windshields on a rv motorhome offer a much better and unobstructed view of the up and coming scenery. That’s something that I really like as well.

Finally, one other advantage that I can see from a rv motorhome is the fact that if you want to just pull over in a neighborhood later at night and boondock for the night. You will arouse very little suspicion from neighbours. Basically, one neighbour thinks that the other neighbor has relatives from out of town.

The big trick that I’ve heard is just make sure you pull out of the neighbourhood sooner then later in the morning. Don’t make it obvious that you’re there to stay!

Here are some listings of interesting rv motorhomes that I’ve come across below!

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