It’s currently mid March and things are starting to warm up. Having an RV for the first year has taught me a ton of great lessons when it comes to owning one.

Let me run through what you should be looking into at this time of year, so you can be prepared for when the season is in full swing and I’ll provide another post in the near future on some of the important lessons I learnt over the winter!

Get Ready Now

Now is the time to take a look at your RV and decide what needs to be done for this summer’s fun. Let me use our RV for a perfect example. It’s easy to forget what needs to be repaired after the season has come and gone and a winter has passed by as well.

Here’s the short list of things that need to be done for us:

  • Repair the weather strip around the driver’s window
  • Repair some of the screws holding in the window decorations
  • Fix the passenger blind..
  • Wash the curtains in the RV.
  • Do yearly checks for critters that may have entered into places they shouldn’t be, such as the fridge header core, and other nooks and crannies.

So we don’t have a lot. One thing on the list, the weather strip repair should be fixed before the warm weather returns. Why? Glass repair companies are more then willing to get in there and fix these problems while the weather is still chilly because business is slow at this time. Other repairs that may have to be done at shops that are season dependent fall into this category.

It doesn’t take too much extra effort to get it in now, when you can negotiate price a bit and get it done right away. Even in late summer last year, the shops were very busy and were charging top dollar for repairs. Now, not so much.

So, definitely make use of the fact that you can get your more expense repairs that require a shop to deal with done now.

I would also suggest, if the RV has it’s own engine, take it to a shop to get the yearly maintenance things done, such as oil change, engine check, and etc. Again, when the shop isn’t as busy is the time to get these things done.

Prepare for Repairs You Can Do Yourself

The next thing to do is prepare for repairs you can deal with directly. In my example, I do have to deal with things like stripped screws, some water damage on the curtains, general stains and also fixing the dash, which I did forget to mention in the list above.

Nothing is stopping me from getting ready now by doing my research on the web and phone to get the details of what needs to be done and what will I need to do it. Then schedule an hour here and there and get out there and get things fixed up.

Making five or six trips out to the RV and just getting things done will put you into the perfect position to roll once the good weather decides to grace itself with us!

So get yourself ready ahead of time and if you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to drop them in below!