We took our maden voyage with our bus last summer and there was one thing that really struck us and frustrated us. Finding dump stations!! If you’ve done any rv’ing, dump stations are where you dump your black and grey tanks when they are approaching full.

If you are on the move, this can really be an issue. To save funds, we spent several nights, while travelling in free places to stay. Hence, there were no apparant places to dump the tanks. Just about all rv camp grounds don’t want you to use their dump facilities unless you stay a night and I can understand that.

Needless to say, finding dump stations when you are trying to save a few bucks is VERY DIFFICULT. We were able to find them but not without some trials and tribulations. For example, when we were in Manitoba, we find a great station, but the dumping facility was really hard to use.I was struggling and then had someone come by and tell me that the station was moved – the sign that notified that it was closed and moved, was missing.

Then to find the proper station – well, I looked and just couldn’t find it. We eventually found another location to do the deed. When we arrived in Southern Ontario, it took us days to find a dump station. As a matter of fact, near where we were staying to visit my family, we couldn’t even find a camp ground offering a dump station. The closest one was about 90 minutes away in a provincial park!

Eventually after making dozens of phone calls, I was able to find out the local city offered dumping at their central station. Phew.

The other challenge was teaching my wonderful family to be frugile with water. Unless I played water cop, we would fill the grey tank in one day! This simply aggrevated the issue overall. My wife and I had to train our kids on how to shut off the shower while lavering up and only turn it on when needed.

I’ve found some dump station magazine, but to be honest, I’ve found most of them to be out of date or just wrong. If you know of a great source for dump stations that is up to date and with the pricing to use them, I and many readers where I know would be utterly grateful! Thanks and happy RVing!