Ah yes, life if just full of change and you’ll be seeing some pretty big changes here at Best RV Living!! It’s time to freshen things up here, so I will soon be adopting a new theme to the site. I’ve been using the thesis theme for some time and it’s great but a bit limiting too.

So, I’m hoping the changes you’ll notice will be small and significant and not big and bothersome.

Also, I’ve been mulling over the idea of having a full forum on this site and I’m defnitely considering it. I did build a forum into the site about six months ago, but I found it unstable and not that great. Since then, I’ve discovered how to build out a forum with the site that a bit more flexible and stable. My only other consideration is making sure that it’s pretty protected from spammers.

Next, I’ve been working with a person who knows classified ads and I’ll soon be able offer you the services of classified ads on the site. I’ve had several requests for different forms of this and well, maybe it’s time to test it out.

Finally, I will be doing a bit more searching on the net and republishing great RV Living content right here, so www.bestrvliving.com will become more of a one stop shop for finding information that all about rv living!

Anyhow, I’d love to get your feedback as it’s you our visitors who really will be the ones who like the new furniture or not. So, please feel free to submit your comments below!


Frank and Brenda of Best RV Living