Every once in a while, I’ll stumble upon a page on another blog that talks about tips on full time rv living. And sometimes, they are pretty good tips!

Well, today was one of those days. The whole post might not be for you, but I do love the tips presented on this post.

Here’s a sampler of the post,

Top five tips for living in an RV:

1. “Only do it with someone you love to be around.”

2. “Always fill your water and propane, charge your batteries and, especially, dump your sewage when you get the chance.”

3. “Stay away from the northeast in winter because step two is impossible.”

If you’ll like to read the whole post, head on over to Noise Creep to read it all. Here’s the link: Jucifer Live in RV Full-Time, Offer Top Five Tips for RV Lifestyle

On a secondary note, I know that the warm weather is just making us RV’ers itch so much that we want to scratch the RVing itch! My wife and I are started to get quite jealous as we have a pretty popular camp ground close to use and some RVer’s are already dropping their 5th wheels for a nice holiday stay!

Luck dogs!