Are you looking to become a full time rver? I’ve discovered that it’s a trend that has been slowing developing for years.

My family and I are working, right now, to become full time rver’s. I can tell you that there is a lot of hurdles to overcome to meet our goals. The biggest is money.

If we decide to become a full time rver, then we need to find a constant source of income. Unfortunately, being Canadian’s we cannot legally work in the USA and to boot, working usually requires you to be stationary. Kinda defeats the purpose.

So, I’ve been working hard to find ways to replace me previous income with a more mobile stream of income. This has been quite difficult to date. It has required me to really re-think the way I do things and I’ve discovered a lot of my ‘soft skills’ that did me well in the corporate world simply don’t cut it in this new paradigm.

One avenue that I’ve pursued is Internet marketing. I have had some success but I can say that it has been quite the journey. This is not easy. And don’t let anyone fool you either in this regard. But I’ve begun to see some progress, so in my eyes, it’s really a matter of time.

Also, trying to find the right RV to become a full time RVer has been quite interesting. To date, we’ve not been able to find the ‘right fit’ for us. I’ve seen a couple of close ones. Right now, a Jayco model is in the forefront. Time will tell.

Also, there is the issue of space. And stuff. We’ve moved overseas a number of years back and we got rid of all of our stuff last time. Kinda sucked, so we are currently in the process of pruning our stuff to either fit in the space we will have in our new RV, (when we get it), or go into a reasonable amount of storage space.

Finally, dealing with larger assets such as vehicles and homes is also an issue. Do you sell or do you rent it out? In our case, I need to sell two vehicles and purchase a diesel pickup truck capable to pull a 5th wheel. That in itself is a challenge.

So these are some of the things we are currently dealing with. If you are thinking of becoming a full time rver or already are, I’d love to hear your comments and how you’ve overcome the obstacles. Thanks!