Really and truthfully, is full-tme rv living possible? Would anybody in their right mind actually want to do this? I think the answer to this really depends on where you are at in your life. If you have a young family, and you have to be in a specific city to work, then it might not be for you.


full-time rv livingIf you are able to make yourself location independent then this becomes a very strong possibility. This is why you see a lot of retired folks pursuing this dream. They really don’t have a lot of obligations and in a lot of cases there totally location independent when it comes to income. I’m not there yet, and I’m trying to get there. I’m about to turn 50 years old this fall and I still have three kids in the house. One of them is in the 20s and the other one is in their late teens. My third child is just turning 12 this year.


So it’s still a little bit difficult. One thing that I have done is made my job location independent. I been offering my business with a voice over IP number for number of years and I’ve pretty much doing business with local clients. Unless of course the business can be done over the phone. Most my business is international in nature. Needless to say, my income is location independent.


Unfortunately my health took a bit of a turn the last 12 months and that is causing the main difficulties. I’m going to treatments right now hoping that by middle of next year we can embark upon a full-time RV living adventure at least in the part-time capacity. Something crazy, but I’ll take anything I get. The biggest problem is my children at this time.


We do have our coachman motorhome and it’s lovely to travel in. Even on the road gives us the ability to sit at the table and enjoy good card game and even a spot of lunch when we stop. So what we’re planning to do is possibly embark upon a two or three month journey down into the states enjoying the sights. I’ll have to hammer out some details such as access to the Internet for my business while in the United States but I don’t believe that to be a big holdback.


One of the biggest draws to full-time RV living is the fact that your backyard could be a whole country. You could wake up one day to the Grand Canyon and the next to the Rocky Mountains. It really is that awesome. My wife and I have already toured Europe and totally enjoyed it. We enjoyed it so much that a couple years back, we took all of her children for about six weeks. It was expensive, but it was one of the best vacations we ever have.


Not only that you get to see how other people literally tie their shoes. And that is really cool. You get a chance to step into the lives and see how they do things. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit it’s even better because you’ll see ideas that might not exist in one part of the country that are thriving in another part of the country. This could be a golden opportunity to partner up with somebody on the West Coast to take their product to the East Coast.


But just the wanderlust of it is really the biggest thing. You can have a really excellent time full-time RV living if you have the right resources, the right RV and the right attitude. If you are a family that is not really tight and have bouts of squabbling I can promise you living in close quarters for several months at a time will only make your problems rise to the surface. But if you can become a loving and close family, living in an RV full-time could be the best thing you ever did!


So I hope this article gives a bit of an idea of what it’s like enjoy full-time RV living. Now it’s time for you to start your adventure!