This is something that is near and dear to my heart. Trying to find the best RV for full time living. For my wife and I to hit the open road, we need a lot. But we’ve looked a lot and may have narrowed down the options.

We had many things to satisfy when it came to finding an rv for full-time rving. Some for you may or may not be relevant. But I hope at least, it makes you think.

Here’s a great video of an older couple who talk about moving to a full-time rving lifestyle.

We Are Newbies!

Now, let me start by telling you that we have everything to learn. It may be a bit naive, but true never the less. We’ve only owned a pull behind pop up tent trailer manufactured some time before world war one. And it did eventually become a relic of the scrap yard. For the past four or so years, my family and I have camped our vacations in tents. Now, this is something I know I DON’T want to do full-time!

But let me continue. We have three children, so it does make this a bit harder for us. Most RV’s with bunk units are designed with two children in mind. And we wished to not have to be setting up beds from table tops or couches every night. I’m sure that will get old really quickly.

Our search started by looking for the best RV for full time living within the motorhome category. A motorhome would definitely satisfy many of our needs, but one we kept coming against was sleeping arrangements. The best we could find for full-time bedding in a motorhome was double bunks right beside the master bedroom. Not only does it allow sleeping for two kids only, if you have older children, it’s definitely a romance killer if your kids are less then ten feet away!

But many of the other traits of motorhomes drew our attention. If we didn’t have kids, I would definitely steer towards a diesel pusher or maybe even a mid size class C unit. Very, nice and would suit two people quite well!

Next we looked at travel trailers. To give us the room though, that we would need, it could possibly be a difficult pull. So, enough said here. We haven’t looked much further.

Next we started looking at 5th wheel units. Now, this has our interest. We definitely loose the option of being able to have coffee brewed on the road and the kids sitting at the table doing homework while moving. But with the Ford and Dodge trucks offering nice leg space in the back seats, all of our kids, including my son, who is approaching 6’1” has lots of leg room.

But again, there are very few 5th wheel trailers that offer more then double bunks. But they do exist! We’ve been looking at two or three units that offer 3-4 beds in the back. Far away from mom and dad at night. Hello romantic evenings!

So that’s were we are right now. Searching and researching the right unit for best RV for full time living. We are now looking deeper into the options that could make or break a full-time rving lifestyle. I’d love to hear your comments about what you’ve encountered. Please feel free to comment below.