Whynotad (2001 Palomino Pop-Up Camper - $1500)If you’re one among the millions of folks who fancy camping then you are doing not need to be told regarding the attract of open spaces, contemporary air, and time removed from the frenzy of civilization. You also do not would like to be told about the chilly nights, biting bugs, dirty tents, and makeshift bathroom facilities that campers must endure. For people who relish camping but can do while not the down-and-dirty experience that roughing it entails, campers usually bridge the gap for them.

Campers are available in several totally different shapes and sizes. From gigantic RVs (recreational vehicles) to smaller camper vans, there is a vehicle that may suit nearly any sized family with nearly any amenity you’ll be able to imagine. However what about those people who do not wish to get a vehicle that is only suitable for camping? It is not shocking to find out that the majority people possess neither the area nor resources to store and maintain a large RV that’s solely used a few times per year. For those for whom a RV is not an choice there’s another possibility, and that is the pop up camper.

A pop up camper is a collapsible camper that is towed behind your regular vehicle. When not it in use the camper is detached from your automobile or truck and can cut back in size so that it can be stored easily in an exceedingly garage, or inconspicuously in your backyard. Unlike their RV counterparts, pop up campers are essentially out of sight till you need them. However when it is time to move to the campground, the camper involves life, and when properly outfitted they will provide all the comforts of home.

Those folks who have childhood memories of campers from years past may think of pop up camping as a rather spartan experience. Early pop up campers were a simple shell that folded out to provide sleeping area, but very little else. In essence, they were a massive tent that sat off the bottom and offered more space and protection from the weather than a typical tent, but in the tip they were a lot of like tents than a mobile home. Oh, how things have changed!

Late model pop up campers use trendy materials and technology to cut back their weight, allowing for more amenities and options. Whereas a rest room could be a rare convenience, many other comforts of home can be found in nowadays pop up camper designs.

* Propane tanks for cooking
* hot water
* stove, oven
* refrigerator
* air-con
* heating
* space for storing and
* batteries

Along all of those will let you camp way removed from a hardwired campground. In alternative words, these campers offer just about something you’d ever need to fancy a weekend within the woods.

And do not worry, fashionable pop up campers are straightforward to fold and unfold as well. With minimal apply you’ll be able to have your pop up camper ready for use in less time than it takes to test in to a hotel!

If the thrill of a pop up attractiveness to you and you’re inquisitive about trying it out, make sure to tell yourself further before creating a purchase. Check the specifications of your car or truck to see how a lot of weight it can safely pull, and try to not be skeptical when your camper salesman tries to sell you an upgraded anti-sway trailer hitch.

A smart quality hitch can eliminate dangerous swaying and shaking that can happen when towing your camper at higher speeds, and it is price every penny as a result of it not solely protects your investment, it protects your passengers and different motorists as well.

Once you discover a pop up camper that suits your desires, destinations, family, and automobile, then all that’s left to try and do is pick out where you want to camp and hit the road! A pop up camper provides your family with a home away from home at a fraction of the price of an RV – creating them as standard as ever.

One of the things that really stood out to me was a lot of the small rv’s. Because of the ease of pulling them, caring for them and the low cost. I really believe that if it was just me and my wife, I would be purchasing a small rv instead of a larger 5th wheel.

Some of the things that I like about small rv’s are:

  • Very light weight – you don’t need an expensive truck to pull them.
  • Quite thrifty – low cost for gas as well as initial purchase.
  • Low maintenance – because they are smaller, there’s a ton less to break or bump the RV into.

Unfortunately, a small RV just won’t cut the mustard. Having three children makes it impossible to consider this option. But if you only have one child or are a couple, a small RV is definitely a viable option.

The next thing to consider with a small RV, is whether you would go with motorized unit, like a class B. or travel trailer style that you pulled behind a van or car. A class B. unit will definitely more expensive, but it can be a self-contained mobile house if that’s your style.

Nice thing about class B. is you can be driving down the road and your spouse can grab a hot cup of coffee without stopping. Or one of you can take a nap while going to the next destination. Another nicety about going with a motorized unit, is you can stop in the neighborhood at night and boondock it at no cost and not raise a lot of suspicion with the neighbors.

Although when looking at small RVs, a travel trailer style is probably the most popular. Between low-cost, and flexibility they definitely are a viable option. In recent years manufacturers have found innovative ways, to house a lot of living space in a very small space.

It would be my recommendation, to look at several RV units before making a final selection. In the small RV market, there is a lot to choose from. Personally, I’d like the smaller units that have so defined sleeping and living areas. This way one person can sleep at the other end watch TV, read a book or just relax without disturbing the sleeping party.

Regardless of the options you choose in your small RV, I’m sure you’ll make a brilliant choice as long as you look at several units before making your choice.

So our search has continued, to find the best rv for living for our family. Part of the problem that I’m mentioned before is that we have three children and the eldest being a boy, I’d like to be able to offer him some privacy from his younger sisters.

Recently, we’ve found a really nice model from Glendale RV. The model is a 36E41 I believe. What makes it very special is the fact that the rear of the unit has two slides with two bunks on either side.

Between the two bunk sets is a two to three foot walled off area that contains storage space and a toilet and sink! Very nice. Another nice feature I like about this model is on one side, the bottom bunk folds up to the inside and you can access the space as storage from outside!

Other nice features that we like is the master bedroom in the front of the RV just feels nicer then many that we’ve seen. I think it has to do with the fact that you don’t feel like your head is in a cave like most that have slides up front do.

But selecting the best rv for living with your family in mind will definitely be a searching game. My wife and I both believed that we’d just find the ‘right’ RV when we found it. And with the Glendale unit, I believe that we’ve found it.

Other units that we’ve liked too have been from Jayco. Seems like Jayco is a little bit closer to the beat of families with kids then other vendors are.

One thing that we have to really look into is the full time living in any unit we select. It’s one thing to vacation for a couple of weeks per year or to live full time in an RV. And I’m not talking about what could go wrong, I’m talking about the minor annoyances that could exist that would be major frustration if you had to deal with it 365 days per year.

My main recommendation when choosing the best RV for living, is to really step slowly. Get the sales people out of your face and just sit in the unit. Open cupboards. Play with the gizmos inside the RV. Make sure nothing and I mean nothing makes you go hmmm. You are really looking for the potential show stoppers that would really be bad to deal with after you’ve paid for the unit.

If you are looking for an RV like me, used is a very valid option. I’ve been searching both the US and Canadian sites for used rv for sale. With most rv trailers depreciating up to 15% per year, you can save a good 30 to 45% after just three years of ownership on an RV.

But there is a lot of weeds in the garden when it comes to searching for a used rv for sale. Here are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before putting down money:

  • How has the previous owner treated the RV?
  • Has the RV seen any very bad weather?
  • Did the previous owner let water freeze in holding tanks or water lines?
  • Can I import that used rv for sale across US/Canadian borders?

Let’s take a peek at each of these questions.

How has the previous owner treated the RV?

This is a biggie. For instance, we looked at a used RV that was only ‘slightly’ used. I’m sure only driven by grandma on Sunday afternoons to church. But just about every cabinet door and sliding door was broken. Did the owner run this unit down a lot of rough roads? Did the owner just bash the inside without concern? Hard to tell, but was enough for my wife and I to say ‘pass’.

Has the RV seen any very bad weather?

This is very important. If rain or water in general has found any way into the trailer, it is a very expensive and hard to repair problem. I’ve read several horror stories that have completely ruined others experiences with water damaged RV’s.

Also, even if an RV sits unused, is it sitting in the elements? More then likely yes. Then the wear on the exterior is the same for a used rv for sale regardless.

Did the previous owner let water freeze in holding tanks or water lines?

Again, a big, biggie! You don’t want to lay down $30,000 and then have to lay down a few thousand more to replace a cracked water holding tank. That pretty much says it all.

Can I import that used rv for sale across US/Canadian borders?

For me this is a concern. I’m seriously considering importing a used US RV to Canada, simply because the selection is much better for a used RV for sale and I can usually pay up to $20,000 less for the identical unit in the USA. There are loop holes to jump through but it’s the logistics that boggle the brain. Do you go all over the USA looking at RV’s to find the right one? That could also get very expensive, very quickly.

Still Looking for A Used RV For Sale

Well, that leave me still looking for a used rv for sale. I will continue looking but I’d like to hear your comments regarding your experiences with your favourite RV. I’m particularly looking for a bunk unit, but I’d still like to hear your experiences.

Update on This Post

I’ve begun to look at the listings on eBay with earnest. We travelled the USA over the summer, just tent camping, and I noticed a lot of used RVs. Then I chatted with a fellow RVer and he told me to look for used RV for sale with eBay. He personally has found a few good deals.

For your convenience, I’ve listed some used RV for sale from eBay below.
[wordbay]rv campers[/wordbay]