Ah yes, life if just full of change and you’ll be seeing some pretty big changes here at Best RV Living!! It’s time to freshen things up here, so I will soon be adopting a new theme to the site. I’ve been using the thesis theme for some time and it’s great but a bit limiting too.

So, I’m hoping the changes you’ll notice will be small and significant and not big and bothersome.

Also, I’ve been mulling over the idea of having a full forum on this site and I’m defnitely considering it. I did build a forum into the site about six months ago, but I found it unstable and not that great. Since then, I’ve discovered how to build out a forum with the site that a bit more flexible and stable. My only other consideration is making sure that it’s pretty protected from spammers.

Next, I’ve been working with a person who knows classified ads and I’ll soon be able offer you the services of classified ads on the site. I’ve had several requests for different forms of this and well, maybe it’s time to test it out.

Finally, I will be doing a bit more searching on the net and republishing great RV Living content right here, so www.bestrvliving.com will become more of a one stop shop for finding information that all about rv living!

Anyhow, I’d love to get your feedback as it’s you our visitors who really will be the ones who like the new furniture or not. So, please feel free to submit your comments below!


Frank and Brenda of Best RV Living

Hey all! I wanted to send out a quick post to tell you some of the exciting things that will be happening here at Best RV Living. There’s quite an active community already with current full timers and others who want to become full time RVer’s here now.

I want to be able to offer you tremendous value for your visit and make Best RV Living your one stop shop for information, ideas and an active marketplace.

I’ll be shortly adding in a full classifieds section and I’m also looking for authors! Especially those of you who already are RVing full time and have adventures to share with us. Believe or not, I’ve gotten some glowing comments from others who have read what you have to say and they have been helped significantly!

So, there’s a few things that I need from you. First, tell your RV friends about us! Help us to raise the awareness of Best RV Living!

Next, I need you as a contributing author! If you love to tell stories and you have a bit of time, think about contributing your experience to the readers of Best RV Living.

Finally, if you have things that you want to sell, I’ll ask you to list them here. For the next 60 days (till March 15, 2011), all listings will be 100% free! List your RV related goods or even your RV right here!

Thanks and I do look forward to taking Best RV Living to the next level with you!

Exciting news all. I’ve decided to test having a forum available to members who wish to register and submit information.

Things are pretty new on this, and it will take me a couple of weeks to put together the forum into appropiate sections.

But as things progress, I’m looking forward to creating categories for you to comment on different aspects of full time rving.

But hold on temporarily, I hope to have all done shortly!



I just wanted to post my sorry’s for the confusion that may have been caused by a hacker who had successfully compromised www.bestrvliving.com between the 14 and 17th of Feb.

This individual had attacked many web sites, mine being one of them. Fortunately though, I’ve been able to reverse the damage to the site and restore it with more security in place.

Please feel rest assured that I care for this site to be available for those who come to visit. I know that you love RVing and I love RVing, but this hacker doesn’t seem too?

As always I continue to welcome your comments and enjoy when we can share good RV information together.


Frank Thomas

When considering purchasing an RV unit, I’ve begun to look at the RV insurance needs to cover my family and I against things like damage or loss.

After looking around, I’ve come up with some good to know points when you are looking at RV insurance.

I did find that most auto insurance policy insurers will allow you to add your RV or motor home directly to the normal personal automobile policy. But I did find some flies in the ointment, so to speak with this approach.

Since an RV can be a huge investment, your personal auto policy may have places where things are not covered or there is too low a replacement value for loss or damage.

When talking with your personal insurer, make sure your rv insurance also covers the following items:

Many Personal Auto Insurance policies will allow an insured to add their motor home or RV to the personal auto policy and some estimates indicate that as many as half of the RV owners do just that. It’s important however, to understand that an RV is a huge investment and instead of insuring with the same coverage’s as your family car it might be wise to consider specialty insurance specifically designed to cover RV’s.

Every RV owner should consider these insurance needs:

Extended Road Side Assistance and Towing

 Many standard policies will either offer limit or no coverage for this situation. Even when you consider 3rd party road side assistance from places like AAA or CAA, you need to ensure your RV is covered too.

Nothing is worst then discovering that your coverage will tow your truck but not the attached RV when you are stranded on the side of the road.

Also, temporary lodging when in concert to a break down will fall into this category. Again, it’s prudent of you to be sure. Especially when inexpensive RV insurance can save you $100’s for a night’s stay.

Making an Accident Claim

I’ve read on other forums that normal car adjusters are not experienced at adjusting RV claims. Be sure that your insurer is knowledgeable when it comes to handling a high RV unit claim. Nobody likes hassle or being left in the cold when trying to replace an RV unit because their RV insurance was inadequate or the adjuster isn’t knowledgeable.

Insurance Against Theft or Replacement

If you find yourself in the situation where you have to have your RV replaced because of theft or it’s been totaled in an accident, then you need to know now, not then, what you’ll be getting for it in replacement value.

Are you going to be remunerated at the actual cash value or at a total loss replacement value? This could be a big difference in how much you’ll receive in a settlement.

Items Stolen From The Recreational Vehicle

Here’s a real ouch to look out for. Did you know that many personal auto insurers will not pay for the replacement of stolen, lost or damaged personal property?

Normally you will need a special policy to cover the loss of personal effects. Again, be sure, as having your flat screen stolen from your RV can be quite sickening. Think about the latest 5th wheelers that can have up to five of these in one unit.

I chatted with a dealer, who had a ton of the TVs stolen from the lot overnight, told me it takes good thefts about 15 minutes to take them all from one unit!

Personal Liability in Regards to Your RV

Did you realize that you could be liable for the area where your RV is parked when in a campground? If someone hurts themselves, you as the RV owner could be sued. We live in a crazy world and you don’t need your year messed up with a personal liability claim. Make sure your RV insurance covers you against this liability.

To conclude, make sure your RV insurance is covering your needs before you hit the road. Paying that extra bit can save you a lot. When it comes to RV insurance, don’t be sorry, be sure!