We are getting ready to hit the road but we’ve hit a real snag. You see, I’ve been looking for an older Glendale 36E41TBR bunk house unit that is in good condition, but I’ve not found one that is still good enough to haul around the USA and isn’t too expensive.

So today, can I ask you to help us by keeping your eyes open for a good and fairly inexpensive glendale bunk house unit for my family and I.

I believe I can purchase one in Canada or the US and transfer it to Canada, so if you have a lead, I’d be willing to follow it up. I will say though, if the sellers want more then $40,000 for one, then it’s definitely out of our price range.

If you know someone who has one that is still in pretty good shape, doesn’t have any major water damage and is willing to give it away, I’ll be really interested!!! I would even look at other bunk house 5th wheels if the price was right.

Thanks very much!

See you on the road – Frank.

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